Providence’s (Finely-Tuned) Sewer and Water Projects

The city of Providence is off to a busy start this month with the Greenville Avenue sewer and water line extension projects. The water line has been completed from the pump station up to approximately 300 feet east of Pine Hill Road. Upgraded infrastructures, including pipeline replacements, are a necessary commodity in an effort to keep the systems working smoothly. For the time being, traffic may continue to be affected in the area of construction. The city has replaced a good portion of the sewer in recent years, including 6,500 linear feet of 16-inch water pipe, 1,620 linear feet of sewer pipe. Additionally, seven hydrants and seven manholes were installed. Fortunately, a sewer overflow abatement program, which began as an impetus to reduce contaminants, is now complete with an underground storage tunnel. The tunnel contents are pumped back to Providence’s treatment facility. This effective strategy has improved the water quality in leaps and bounds when compared to a time the upper bay suffered numerous closures. Storm water runoff has also had a large effect on bacteria laden shellfish, partly due to the deterioration of septic systems. These conditions have led to continual harvesting restrictions to large areas of Narragansett Bay, leaving only a small section open to shellfishing. Interestingly, shellfish work hand in hand with the environment as they filter algae from the water. A large oyster can filter up to 50 gallons a day, making them awesome helpers on behalf of cleaner water.

Providence, did you know? In addition to sewer extensions, water meters will also be upgraded and modernized. An initiative to install a new meter system is now underway. Expected to be an effective tool for time management, the new devices will be read remotely. The current system requires reading the meters from inside consumers’ homes.

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