Rhode Island’s Resourceful Reuse of Water

Providence, have you given much thought to water recycling? Water recycling is the safe reuse of treated wastewater for favorable purposes, with no risk of health hazards. A common type of recycled water is water has had pollutants removed at the municipal wastewater treatment plant.  Of the many benefits, reuse of water adds value to the ecosystem, and it aids in restoration and groundwater recharge.  The other advantage of reuse is a certain water supply, even in times of drought. Treated wastewater has more nutrients and may reduce the need for fertilizer and reduce costs for homeowners and businesses. Reuse recycles safe water for activities that do not require the high level of quality needed for human consumption. Recycling water can also eliminate or reduce discharge into waterways.

Reduced water supply coupled with population growth necessitates stricter controls on water consumption and identification of alternative water sources. Wastewater reclamation projects are an essential component in meeting present and future water demand.  Due to conditions connected to previous summer droughts, Rhode Island and other New England states have found it necessary to implement water reclamation measures. Currently, Rhode Island has an integrated water resources plan that takes advantages of these alternative sources and their capacity for reuse and recycling.

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